pludoni GmbH

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Dresden, Saxony, Germany
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Remote, Hybrid
Rails Vue.js

Pludoni GmbH is a small, self-funded SaaS provider that specializes in recruitment. It was founded in 2009 and operates several regional job boards under its Germany-wide brand Empfehlungsbund, as well as providing recruitment services such as an Applicant Tracking Systems, recruitment controlling, and employer branding services. The company’s unique selling proposition (USP) is its recommendation system. All participating recruiters have the ability to recommend qualified candidates who were not hired due to factors unrelated to their skills, such as reluctance to relocate, aversion to remote work, or mismatched salary expectations. These candidates are provided with a recommendation code that they can use on the platform to apply to other companies, along with a letter of recommendation from the recruiter. Pludoni GmbH leverages Rails and other open-source technologies to deliver a competitive platform with a small team of engineers.